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Distinguished & Young Distinguished Alumni Awards


Nominations are accepted each year for the Distinguished and Young Distinguished Alumni Awards. The deadline for submission of nominations is  Tuesday, February 20, 2018. The guidelines for submission of nominations is listed below. Submissions will be reviewed by the awards committee and recipients will be honored at the  Scholarship & Stewardship Banquet on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Email nominations should be sent to:

Mail submissions may be mailed to her at:
  • WVU Extension Service
    PO Box 238
    Union, WV, 24983

    Postmark deadline for mail submissions is Feb. 13.


Purpose: The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor graduates of the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, or preceding or equivalent entities, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field, discipline, position and/or occupation.

Types of Awards: Two types of awards will be presented each year: Distinguished Alumni and Young Distinguished Alumni. The Young Distinguished Alumni is defined as 35 years of age or younger at the time of nomination. A maximum of three Distinguished Alumni Awards and one Young Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented each year.

Method of Selection: Any member (active, associate, or honorary) may nominate one or more candidates for these awards by submitting the following required documents: (1) an extensive letter of nomination with two supportive letters; or (2) a resume with two supportive letters.


  1. Must have earned a degree (undergraduate or graduate) from the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources or Design or preceding or equivalent entities.
  2. Distinguished Alumni may be living or deceased. Young Distinguished Alumni must be living.
  3. May be a resident or non-resident of West Virginia.
  4. Nominees must have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession through teaching, writing, research, demonstrations, service, or development of new programs, procedures, designs, models and/or management skills.
  5. Nominees must have been recognized by their peers for outstanding performance. Such recognition may be by their immediate professional associates, but also from broad and perhaps several professional peer groups.
  6. Recognition of the nominee by groups, societies, associations, organizations, and/or individuals allied but not directly associated with the Nominee’s profession is desirable.
  7. Nominees should have a record of consistent advancement and increased responsibility in their chosen profession.
  8. Nominees from administration should have a record of increased supervisory and/or administrative responsibilities and advancement.
  9. An individual working alone or with a limited number of people, may receive this award if it is clearly demonstrated that such person has achieved and been recognized for excellence. There must be supporting evidence of superior performance.
  10. There is no limit to the number of times an individual may be nominated for either award, if that individual continues to meet all criteria.
  11. Individuals who have been presented the Young Distinguished Alumni Award may be nominated at a later date for the Distinguished Alumni Award, if the individual meets all criteria. There must be at least five years between the time of the presentation of the Young Distinguished Alumni Award and the nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award.